December 30, 2016

I’ve come up with a title for my next Grace Holliday-Dragovich Mystery Series. Number seven will be called The Body in Davy Jones’ Locker and I expect it to be done very soon. I only have five more chapters to go.


November 11, 2016

I have a great deal for everyone! I’m in a box set with some great cozy mystery authors. If you haven’t purchased Two Dead Love Birds yet you can get it and 24 other cozy mysteries for just 99 cents.  If you have purchased it you still will have 24 other great cozy stories to read. Right now it is up for pre-order at Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks.


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If you would like to read a sample or purchase any of my cozy mysteries simply click on the titles below the pictures:

Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery Series

Deadly Magic cover
1. Deadly Magic (FREE)      
Deadly reunion new cover
2. Deadly Reunion
Death takes a holiday new cover
3. Death Takes a Holiday
Murder Games cover
4. Murder Games
Cupid's Deadly Aim Final Cover 2 small
5. Cupid’s Deadly Aim
gift that keeps on killing small final cover
6. The Gift That Keeps on Killing

Hatter’s Cove Gazette Mystery Series

St. Valentine's day cookie massacre finished cover - Copy
1. The St. Valentine’s Day Cookie Massacre (FREE)     
Revenge of the Pieman final cover large
2.  Revenge of the Pieman
Mad Hatter's Haunted Castle
3. The Mad Hatter’s Haunted Castle
4. Two Dead Love Birds

Pink Flamingo Hotel Mystery Series

Death by Pink Flamingo ebook cover
1. Death by Pink Flamingo                  (events in Death by Pink Flamingo occur in the same time period as Revenge of the Pieman)