Mad Love (A Dangerous Kind of Love Book 1) ~ Published by Kindle Press, December 2015

Mad Love Sample

It starts with a phone call ten days before New Year’s, a familiar voice whispering the number ten and then hanging up.

Madison Love doesn’t think much of it, at first…but when he calls back the next night and then again the night after that it becomes clear that her mysterious caller is counting down to something.

Concerned, Madison turns to the only man she knows who can help her, Ethan Parker, the private detective across the street from where she works. Strong, capable, protective and oh-so-very handsome, Ethan seems like the perfect solution to all of her problems, big and small.

But as the countdown nears zero and someone close to her is murdered, Madison soon realizes it may not just be her heart at risk but her life as well.


Hunted Love (A Dangerous Kind of Love Book 2)

Hunted Love Sample


Sarah Love is in love. Madly, deeply and irrevocably in love. Has been for months and she’s pretty confident Jamie Murphy is also in love with her. In fact, she’s convinced of the fact, especially after he saves the lives of her sister and her on New Year’s Day.

However, when he disappears soon after with nothing more than a short note of good-bye, she takes her broken heart and tries to get on with her life.

Only someone isn’t about to let that happen. Someone wants Jamie back as much as Sarah does and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if it means using Sarah as bait.



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